Proxy Troubles

June 5, 2011 at 4:00 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve been in China 6 days now and was planning on updating this blog a long time before this. Little did I know that I would be stopped by the “Great Firewall of China”. See, I was under the impression that WordPress worked in China. As it turns out, you can access WordPress blogs but cannot login to one. See the problem?

This situation has been remedied by a (semi-) working proxy. I say semi because it takes a while to load and once loaded it sometimes drops the connection . It gets the job done though, and especially since I cannot get a better one without paying quite a bit of money I can’t be too picky. The Chinese government in the past few months has done an excellent job of blocking access to the vast majority of available free proxies, as well as a good amount of proxies that cost money. It took my roommate Abby almost a week to find a working one, but her success means we all have internet access.

Meanwhile, going proxyless has meant a week of no facebook, youtube, tumblr, or many news sites that I enjoy. It has definitely caused me to realize how much I take access to the internet for granted at home. I think I will go take a look at these sites now that I can reach them again, rather than trying to write a long blog post now. I’ll have a real blog update later.


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