Long Time No Write

January 5, 2013 at 12:36 pm (Taipei, Taiwan, The Aroma)

Greetings anyone who still reads this blog!

First things first, I have a new blog: anhonestencounter.wordpress.com

It’s obviously been a LONG time since I’ve posted here, and a lot has happened since then. As a basic rundown of the rest of my time in Taiwan until I went back to the U.S. in the middle of June:

  1. I became incredibly busy. I was a full time student of course, but my social life really took off as well. I became involved with a church/coffee shop in Ximen called The Aroma. Whether you’re looking for good coffee, smoothies, MUFFINS, sandwiches, cold pasta, or just good people this is the place to visit. It’s run by an amazing group of missionaries from both Taiwan and America who were kind enough to let me get involved there as a volunteer at the coffee shop during the weekend. If you’re in Taipei you should definitely visit for food and coffee, of course, but also for small groups, Friday night English activities, homeless outreach, and Sunday night service.
  2. As I said, my social life took off. I had friends at school, friends from Chinese Corner, friends from The Aroma, friends from another church I frequented, and some random friends from random places (including friends of friends from the U.S.). In short, I was enjoying life too much to take the time to write about it.
  3. I continued to visit places! I went to Pingxi on the last night of Chinese New Year to view the lanterns (and took some amazing pictures), went to Jiufen, the zoo, the beach, etc. etc.
  4. Remember that band Transitions from my post on Chinese? I went to their farewell concert with some Chinese Corner friends and got to take pictures with some of the band.

I essentially fell in love with Taiwan, the people, the culture, and my life there. Upon returning to the states this translated to me taking the opportunity to advocate for U.S.-Taiwan relations on Capitol Hill for a couple of weeks.

Which brings us to the present. There are many posts that I started last year that I never got around to finishing or posting. So over the next few months I may try to finish those blog posts, in addition to some new China/Taiwan related posts. Or I may not. We shall see what ends up happening.

Keep a look out on this blog and my Honest Encounters blog for new updates!



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